The events listed here mostly occur in and around Amon Heights, New Jersey, with the noteworthy exception of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and some of the births/deaths of major characters. This is a working document and a handful of items on this list have not been part of any episodes of the podcast so far. There will likely be additions to this as well, as I continue the story of Amon Heights. 


~10,000 BCE   A young forest grows in the fields of southern New Jersey after the glaciers have receded. Owone, Mihko, and Mahkate summon Ha Li Kan from the dream realm to the earth. Concurrently one of the Balatron appears in an ice cream truck. Over a hundred children disembark from the small truck. The spirit attracts a pride of cave lions to slaughter children from the 20th century, creating a patch of rage and anger that persists for millenia. 

1612   Three boys encounter Mesingwe ~

1770 Nathaniel Amon builds a house and a school on the same spot where the slaughter occurred. This is the eponymous Blood Red House. 

1774  Nathaniel Amon plants the oak tree and buries his unborn daughter Molly there. 

1890  Robert Dancler Born 

1914 Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand 

1935 Caroline Evans is born 1943 Jack Murphy (Jonathan Murphy Sr) is born. 

1945  James Mullein is born. 

1948 Patty Briar is born 

1950   Lucy Raymond is born. 

1951 A 7 year old Jack Murphy learns a cruel lesson. 

1953   Arthur C. Clarke publishes Jupiter V. 

1957  The Raymonds move into the blood red house. 

1959  Lucy Raymond meets the shadow she assumes is the spirit of Molly Amon. Caroline Evans begins work at Amon Heights Elementary 

1960  Greg Dancler is Born. 

1962 Caroline Evans meets Alec Chino 

1964 John Murphy gets Patty Briar pregnant and they have a shotgun wedding. She loses the child and he goes into a rage. 

1965 The red house on Cooperton avenue belongs to David and Linda before they eventually sell it to the Murphys. The events that take place in episode 010, The Blood Red House. 

1967 Jonathan Murphy is Born (MAY). 

1969 The Murphy’s move into the blood red house. 

1972 Christopher Murphy is Born (SEPTEMBER).

1974 Marie Murphy is born (July). 

1975 Jonathan Murphy sees a strange growth on a tree. Eventually he destroys it, causing it to spew forth blood-drinking maggots. 

1976 Debbie and Rick have a child Jupiter V officially named Amalthea 

1977 Marie Murphy falls on her big-wheel and her head bleeds. 

1980  Marie sees the shower curtain people. 

1981 Christopher Goes Sledding (DECEMBER) 

1982 Patty Murphy leaves Jack and takes the kids with her.(APRIL) Robert Dancler dies and Greg inherits a new home. (AUGUST) The Tylenol murders (September) Christopher and Marie go Trick-or-Treating (OCTOBER) 

1983  Andrea gets a new TV (NOVEMBER) 

1983ish Toynbee Tiles first appear 

1986 - November - Jason and Amy lose their father. 

1989 Rich and friends play tag. 

2006 Jack Murphy dies with Marie by his side. His other children, Jonathan and Christopher do not attend. 

2030 Lucy Raymond dies (age 80)

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