The Diary of Wartha Gormley -Day of Rest

Diary, It is getting harder and harder to keep you up to date on all my happenings. I am so lost right now I don’t even know where to begin. I found another Updweller cave that seems to be abandoned and I’m hiding out in it while I get some rest. It’s been a wild time of late.

Last time I wrote I had gotten away from the pig master. I meant to tell you how I did that, but I got all caught up in another heap of trouble before I could finish much. So, let me get back to that tale before I tell you about my various other scrapes.

I won’t lie to you when I say that man had me right scared. I mean, sure, I killed a shadewolf once, but between you and me that was half on accident. Killing an Updweller is a whole other thing. I mean, he ain’t exactly a person like goblins are, but it’s right close I suspect. Hunting is something you gotta do if you want to eat. Shooting a fellow that walks on two legs is downright murder.

There I was up a tree with his wolves ( l later learned that kind of wolf is called a “dog”) snarling at me from down below. Mister Updweller didn’t even stand. He stayed all crouched down like and grabbed that tube thing. He pointed it right in my direction like he was aiming a bow, except he held it all wrong.

“Good work, boys!” he said to his pack followed by a roar louder than a Tunnel Brute protecting its brood. I never heard anything like it. My ears were deaf from the sound and beside me half the tree got blown away. That’s when I realized what a terrible weapon that tube was.

In the silence after the roar the Updweller peered up through the trees at me. I reeled from the shock but I saw him stand as he pointed his weapon at me again. I don’t think he would have missed that time if what happened next hadn’t happened.

Time froze up like the whole world was covered in Husk Bee treacle. I tried to reach for my bow. Maybe I could place an arrow down that tube and stop it from blowing me to bits. Maybe I could place it between the Updweller’s eyes. I don’t know for sure what I would have done to tell the truth. I didn’t get the chance to find out.

The pig master seemed to move in slow motion as he aimed right at me. I got ready to kiss oblivion in the face when a black shadow wrapped around him in a hot second. His weapon roared again as it dropped from his hands. This time my deaf ears muffled the sound. The dogs turned tail and ran as the shadow pounced and tore at the Updweller.

 He would have been done for if I hadn’t realized what was happening.

“Dru!”, I yelled. My own voice silent to me. There she stood, my spider mount. Darn girl must have been following my scent all along.

When I called her name Drucilla turned all eight of her eyes on me. How I missed her venom-dripped face. She scuttled up the tree and nuzzled me with her fuzzy ol’ head. I was right joyful.

It was a few seconds before I remembered the Updweller, but when I looked he had run off. He left a trail of blood and his roaring tube behind.

Once  I was sure he wasn’t coming back Drucilla and I got reacquainted. She still had the saddle on her back even though it was hanging loose. I adjusted her straps and checked the saddle bags. Gashwhisker be praised I found a pack of jerky and a bottle of Gurk’s soup. It was only a few days old. Still good to eat, so I did that right away. I didn’t even bother to heat it up. It was the best dang soup I ever swallowed.

I felt powerfully certain that Updweller would be back and probably with his kin. I took his weapon and strapped it to Dru. I doubt I’d ever figure out how to use the thing, but I knew at least that he wouldn’t have it to use against me. Besides, a good hunter always takes trophies.

It was dead night and i figured to put some distance between myself and the pig master. Drucilla and I moved on out of there right quick.

We bustled through the trees for hours. It felt so right to have a companion again. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Diary. You’re fun to talk to, but Drucilla is warm and can cuddle me back.

Before sunrise we found a good enough spot to make camp. After a full night’s travel between me and the Updwellers I felt pretty secure. Little did I know that you ain’t never safe in the Upworld.

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