Hi there!

So, I just recently decided to change the layout of this blog a bit.

If you look at the story titles above ^^^^^ you can click on one and easily read the entire story there.

Duskworld is more or less complete (although I may some day write 5-10 more chapters on Ker and make her more of an interesting character).

The Diary of Wartha Gormley and A Bird for a Heart are both WIPs and will be for some time, but you can read the whole story so far by clicking on their respective links.

Rook in Sketchy Magic is an ongoing comic that I both write and draw. It updates every Friday!

So, welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy what you see here.

Feel free to visit my Patreon if you like what you see here.

patreon.com/MichaelJPatrick I hate the new logo

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